Fresh Video: Chris Brown - "I Can Transform Ya" feat. Lil Wayne & Swiss Beatz / by

Today saw the release of Chris Brown's highly anticipated music video for "I Can Transform Ya". It's the one of the dual singles lifted from his new album "Graffiti" which now has a release date of December 15th. He other single "Crawl" just saw it's release a week ago and we will see the video in a few days, until then, check out the video above and love it.

Well well well, Chris didn't disappoint! I gotta say that I'm loving this video, I'm loving the look, I'm just lovin it! Hell, it feels like I'm at McDonalds. He's definitely got grown over the past 2 years. The special effects in this video are awesome, being that I just saw "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen". At first, I thought he was pullin' a Beyonce and was gonna use just 3 dancers throughout this video but I was wrong, they all doubled & tripled lol. The choreography is pretty dayum hot as well, I think one of his best as far as dancing goes. He know he can move. Looks like he has been hittin that gym & I aint mad at him! Go head Breezy. Swizz Beatz is gettin a lil rap name for himself. From being featured on Monica's to Jay-Z's, now Chris Breezy's. Lil Wayne, need I say more. He always lays it down with his lyrics. Pretty dayum good video.

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