Fresh Video: Leona Lewis - "Happy" / by

Check out the official video for Leona Lewis's first single "Happy". It was directed by Jake Nava and shot in Cuba. The song comes from her sophomore album "Echo" and is du out Nov 17th.

Wow, Leona looks so fabulous! She looks even better this time around with the hair & makeup. It's more light than heavy. People said that she looked draggish last time around. But not here! She looks like a soft, young gal. She was all smiles throughout the video which was refreshing to see, and all while I was watching this I was thinking how coul she get hit in the face? This video was sort of like a mini movie, it's not the average, oh this and that, no, Leona was being flirted with by some guy throughout the video, then at the end, he's seen gettin married to another woman. I'm still kinda iffy on the song it'self but the video can definitely change that. Why you ask? Cuz I'm about to watch it again & again! lol