Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 4 Recap / by

Dimpsettes, if you missed the episode of Gossip Girl yesterday, here's a recap of what went down & you can veiw the episode below. It guest stars Tyra Banks & Hilary Duff.

Gossip Girl finally gets back to what its good at in this episode: audacious high school antics at Constance Billard. It’s the first day back and Little J is stepping into her shoes as Queen Bee. But poor naïve Jenny Humphrey. You can take the girl out of Brooklyn…

Jenny tells Eric her reign as Queen will be nothing like Blair’s. She plans on a year full of “sunlight and fairness.” Blair gets wind of Jenny’s babble and, tired of the mediocrity she’s achieved as just another NYU freshman, decides to relive her glory back at Constance. She gets the girls fired up over Jenny’s attempt at fair and kind, and decides to live in the past as Queen once again by hosting the annual Waldorf sleepover.

Chuck, crushed Blair can’t figure out college life, conspires to get her out of her rut by taking Jenny out for the night, which forces Blair to abandon the sleepover and find them when Gossip Girl gets a hold of the news. Chuck even has a photographer snap Blair’s picture so she thinks she’s popular again. It’s strange watching Chuck be so sweet.

And Dan gets over crazy Georgina faster than you can say xoxo. When he forgets his wallet and can’t pay the $1.50 for his coffee, a cute blond steps in to cover his java. He doesn’t recognize her as the famous vampire show actress Olivia Burke (Hilary Duff) and so she introduces herself as Kate. When he sees her later, he asks her to go for pizza. The next day Dan hits her up for date number two, but she says she has to work. Work means the premiere of a movie she stars in, which Dan figures out when he goes to the premiere with Vanessa, who by total coincidence is Olivia’s new NYU roommate in the dorm.

And hey, Gossip Girl –- here’s a scoop: Tyra Banks can’t act.

In this episode, Tyra plays Ursulla, a spoiled, paranoid, tantrum-throwing star who needs the constant babysitting of her new publicist-slash-bestie, Serena. Need I even write the next obvious line?

Serena lands the ‘job’ when she gives a frazzled Olivia a how-to-escape-the-paparazzi from a restaurant speech. It works and Olivia’s publicist, impressed with Serena’s skill and know-how, calls her the Diva Whisperer. She has to escort Ursulla to the premiere (she’s a co-star in Olivia’s movie and has the same publicist) and is troubled she has to sit by and not tell Ursualla a major chunk of her performance has been cut from the film. Against her bosses wishes, she convinces Ursulla not to blow a fit at the edits to the press and so it’s no surprise that by the end of the show Serena’s gets fired but later rehired.

Serena’s mom Lily, back from carrying for her ailing mom (actress Kelly Rutherford was out on maternity leave for the first three episodes), is not at all happy Serena’s blowing off Brown to mop up after famous people, and so puts the pressure on her at every turn. She even blames Rufus for Serena bagging school.

The world of the privileged and their friends from Brooklyn is back on track by the end of the show. Vanessa tries to re-connect with Scott, but he can’t talk because he has to meet Georgina, who’s in Boston and up to no good. Olivia tells Dan she wants to give their thing a try. And Jenny realizes nice will never win, so she decides to take her place on the steps of the Met.

Blair, meanwhile, thinks big and recruits fellow high-end high school has-beens at NYU to plot her return to the top of the social heap. Looks like Blair Waldorf doesn’t take average for an answer.