Kelly Rowland Joins 50 Cent For New Video / by

50 Cent is recruiting all of the R&B honeys. First Ciara now Kelly Rowland. She is the leading lady for his new video and 4th single from us constantly pushed back album "Before I Self Destruct". The song is called "Baby By Me" which features Ne-Yo who is not pictured. Peep a few more pics below lifted from This Is 50!

Hmmmm, I wonder what made Kelly do this? 50's album is /never going to drop. It's been pushed back about a million times already. I've never, in all of my days, see and album dropped AFTER 4 singles had been dropped. He might as well scratch it and give it up. What happened to 50? How did he fall off? He was the #1 man in the game, crushng Ja Rule's era and EVERYTHING. Now, it's like he's just another starving artist. Still trying to stay relevant. I don't know. But at least Kelly looks good in these pics! lol