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Alright Dimpsettes, it seems that the guy who attacked Leona Lewis a few days ago during her book signing was actually a contestant with Leona Lewis on the X-Factor show. The show is the U.K.'s version on American Idol. According to the guy's father, he was a constant that didn't make it through the first round of eliminations and was jealous of Leona's success. So he punched her. Peep the article below..

"The man who assaulted Leona Lewis was reportedly jealous of her success, after he failed to make it through the first round of the X Factor," reports Marie Claire UK.

Authorities say Peter Kowalczyk has been charged with assault and sectioned under the mental health act after attacking Lewis at a book signing earlier this week.

Acting as a fan, Kowalczyk waited in line and approached Lewis, who was signing copies of her book 'Dreams' at London's Waterstone's at Piccadilly. When Lewis signed the book and proceeded to hand it back Kowalczyk punched her in the face.

While Lewis was whisked away holding her face and donning a pair of sunglasses after the attack, she is reported to be okay but "understandably shaken".

As for Kowalcyzk, his father tells London sources that his son has a history of mental health problems but "wants to be a singer".

Kowalczyk reportedly tried out for 'The X-Factor' but was rejected. He is currently in custody at a psychiatric unit and is due to appear in court later this month.

Wow, that's messed up. He hit her because he was jealous of her success! Given since he's deemed mentally unstable, I can see why he was seen laughing after the assult happened. But this is still no reason for him to do that. I bet Leona didn't even recognize him. She thought he was a fan, she singed the book, then he popped her. This is exactly why celebrities don't do the whole meet and greet anymore. No backstage passes, no up-close moment anymore. It's too dangerous. There's no telling what people will do. I can bet any type of money that Leona or anyone else for that matter will not be doing an open public signing on ANY KIND for a long time. If there is, it will be TIGHT security.

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