Lifetape From Steph Jones: "Gravity" / by

Yesterday, Steph Jones released his Lifetape "Gravity". The lifetape features artists and productions from many different people like Sean & Kadis, John John Robinson, & The Co Stars just to name a few. The official album artwork & you all can listen and download the lifetape below.

Well, let me call out my favs before anything else. "You're So Delicious", "Shooting Star", "Mr. Ordinary", "Southern Love" & "A Girl Name Hollywood". That doesn't complete my list, but those are my favorites, for now. I'm sure the list will grow. Steph is so unique. He has so many different styles of singing and this lifetape definitely shows it. It's very dynamic! LMAO at that random "SOUTHERN LOVE" voice going on through the chorus of the song. It's so funny. Things like that adds style to a song. It just sounds so funny to me. I love the cover as well, he jus basically has the world in his hands. Dimpsettes, get into it, follow Steph Jones on twitter, peep his youtube videos, definitely check him out. Hopefully I can get an interview with him pretty soon for the blog. Check it out, let him know what you think.

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