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Earlier today, Leona Lewis was signing her autobiography "Dreams" for thousands of patiently waiting fans, until one of them jumped the barricades and decided to punch Leona Lewis in the face after she signed his book. Above is a pic of the distraught Leona leaving the signing. Peep the report below..

Leona Lewis was dramatically punched in the face by a stranger who jumped out of a crowd of fans at a book signing today.

The singer, who was taken by complete surprise, was left with a cut next to her eye and was rushed to hospital for medical treatment.

The 24-year-old star was assaulted in front of hundreds of horrified fans as she signed copies of her new autobiography Dreams for fans at Waterstone’s in Piccadilly, London.

Tonight, as the singer received medical treatment, police kept the unidentified man in custody after arresting him on suspicion of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

She had been at the signing for more than an hour when the man, who had been waiting in the queue, suddenly lashed out at her.

An onlooker at the signing said: 'Everyone had been queuing up for ages and suddenly there was a bit of a scuffle and a man jumped over a barrier and punched Leona on the face.

'I heard Leona cry out in pain and she was quickly led off by her security as more security guards and fans restrained the man until police arrived. She had sunglasses on and even though she had her face in her hands you could see she was clearly crying and her face was swollen.

'The worst thing is that the man was grinning, he thought it was funny.'

The man is described as over 6ft tall, skinny, with mousy brown long hair, scruffy jeans and a jacket.

Leona’s spokesman, Stuart Bell, who witnessed the attack, said she had been happily signing autographs for about 90 minutes when 'a guy came up and punched her to the side of the head.'

Leona was signing books when the incident happened

He did not hear the man say anything to Leona during the 'unprovoked' incident and confirmed the singer had suffered bruising to the side of her head.

Mr Bell said she was 'shaken,' adding: 'Leona is absolutely gutted that she did not get the signings finished.

'This guy whacked her one in the face, and she was sitting down and he was standing up so you couldn’t get more cowardly.'

Leona had been due to appear on BBC1’s The One Show after the signing at Piccadilly in central London, but her appearance was cancelled and Gaby Logan stepped in.

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Below are a few pics shortly after the incident took place

Poor Leona. This isn't good at all. This man is DEFINITELY gonna get jail time. What was he thinking? Why did he do it? Leona is such a sweetheart and for him to just punch her directly in her face was uncalled for. I hope justice is served. Then he had the NERVE to laugh afterward. Crazy people are out there these days. Leona should have got up and headbutted his ass!! Now she has a cut under hr eye, poor baby. I hope you heal soon.

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