Rihanna Spotted Shooting Her Album Cover / by

In the video above, Rihanna is rumored to be shotting snaps for her album cover. I don't know how true that is, but this video was recorded yesterday at Berlin Central Station. Other unconfirmed reports say that Rihanna's 1st single from her new album will premiere sometime next week & that she will shoot the video for the single within the next couple of days. Peep a few other videos below..

I was hoping that this blonde look wasn't going to be apart of her new reign. But it looks like it will be. I don't know what;s sitting on the top of her head. I'm not feeling it. She's very pretty and I like that white ass coat she's wearing . I bet any type of money those legs of hers were cold! Every one else is wearing jackets, hoods, jeans & scarfs. My poor Ri-Ri, but hey...they say you gotta sacrifice to make good. So that's what she is doing. I'm still not feeling the hair though. Photo-shop that shit OUT! lmao