The Wait Is Ova! RIhanna Album Due Nov. 23rd / by

According to Rihanna's official twitter page, "The Wait Is Over". Her new album is set to be released on Nov. 23rd. No word on when this twitter page was created being that it only has 1 tweet saying that "The Wait is Over" along with the pic above as it's profile pic. Here's the tweet..
I'm sure this isn't the official album cover, just a buz photo for now, but what a buzz it has generated. People are overly excited, even MYSELF. I'm anxious to see how in the hell she will sell an album with no official first single nor video. Giving the whole Chris Brown situation, she will definitely sell MILLIONS. She probably won't even have to release singles, people will just buy it because she was beaten and EVERYONE felt sorry for her. I'm also wondering that Rihanna team keeps her music tightly wrapped being that NO NEW MUSIC has leaked from Rihanna, other than "Te Amo". Same thing with Beyonce's "I Am...Sasha Fierce", things were kept wrapped tightly. I'm ready for the Bajan Princess to return to the scene, it's like she's never left being that she has constantly being photographed by people, featured on songs & videos, she will just in the lime light a little more. Now the the dust is settling with Beyonce, Rihanna is coming to reclaim her throne. But she has competition, she's release her album on a Monday, where as a million others are dropping their's the next day like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Timbaland, Mary J Blige, Omarion, Jay Sean & others. The entire month of November will rock the music world due to all the big name releases. The 2010 year will definitely be a HOT one!

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