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Whitney Houston's song "I Look To You" is so amazing, that Canadian powerhouse Celine Dion was so in love with it, that she called the maker of the song to contribute to her new album. Peep the article below lifed from Rap-up.

The Canadian power vocalist is looking to Tricky Stewart to contribute to her new album. “After she heard that Whitney Houston record, she definitely called,” says the super-producer, who helmed the title track off Houston’s I Look to You.

Tricky, who along with The-Dream crafted “Skies of L.A.” from Dion’s Taking Chances album, hopes to play a bigger role on her next project. “We sent ['Skies of L.A.'] over, she fell in love with it, she went crazy over it. It was the last song that went on her album, and hopefully it will be like Mariah Carey was in a sense that when we got involved with ‘Touch My Body,’ that was one of the last songs for that project,” he shares with Rap-Up.com. “Hopefully when she makes a new record we’ll be able to get heavily involved because that would be truly amazing.”

Stewart’s chance encounter with Dion happened one day in Las Vegas. “‘Skies of L.A.’ was just a song that she heard, fell in love with, and we just happened to be working at the same studio. That year we were out in Vegas and she did the show out in Vegas for all those years,” he explains. “She was in the next room working on some stuff for her record and sent someone over to see if we had anything.”

The hitmaker, whose clients include Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, and Ciara, says Dion is the real deal. The “Because You Loved Me” songstress prefers conventional recording methods instead of relying on technology, much like another diva. “Celine works in a really old-school, organic fashion. There’s no leaning on any technology whatsoever,” Tricky reveals. “A lot of the artists are like that now. Beyoncé’s kinda like that. She doesn’t really lean on technology. They like to work in a more traditional way.”

That's really something. I love Celine Dion's voice. I dislike when people compare other artists to her because no one sounds like her. The voice she has is sooo unique, different and angelic. It's good to see that she's inspired by a fellow diva. I'm looking forward to hearing new music from her. Since they said she likes doing things the old fashion way as far as recording goes, I'm sure she will give us nothing but PURE tunes.

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