Amerie Performs "Heard 'Em All" On The Wendy Williams Show / by

Yesterday, Amerie released her album "In Love & War" and earlier today she gave a performance on The Wendy Williams show. Her 2nd single "Heard 'Em All" was performed and Amerie wowed ME! Peep it above.

Amerie...well first let me start by saying that I didn't know that this was her 4th album. Where the hell have I been? But this was a hot performance. I loved the dancing in it. Amerie was getting it! I'm still not really a fan of this song, but this was a good performance. Yesterday I read that there were shipping problems with her album and being that I work for Best Buy I can attest to that becuase she literally had ONLY 7 CD'S in her spot. There were only 7 in our system. I was like oh wow. So I don't know if she will do great on first week sales. Hope her song "Pretty Brown" with Trey Songz will help her pick up sales, or even her song "Swag Back". She's signed with Def Jam, they need to get on the ball with the promotion and stop saving it all for Rihanna. But that's how the business works. Rihanna is a guaranteed money maker, so Def Jam will see millions from her, but unfortunately not the same for Amerie.

Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
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