Beyonce's "I Am...Yours" Trailer / by

Above you can see the trailer to Beyonce's "I Am...Yours" DVD. The DVD is releasing on November 24th and ABC will air it on Thanksgiving night.

Beyonce looks good. Her body looks great and I can't wait to get it. I'm getting it AND watching it on ABC lol. I already have tricks up my sleeve. lol. So word has it that Beyonce is releasing this "I Am...Yours" as well as the "I Am...Tour" on DVD within the next few months. Sasha Fierce is still in rotation and will steam back up once the "Video Phone" remix hits televisions around the world which features Lady Gaga. They're hyping this up like it's another album release or something. It's getting world wide treatment. Since I have yet to see any video stills or slips, I better be left satisfied!

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