The B.Scott Show: Mariah Carey Interview / by

Dimpsettes, Lambs & Love Muffins, above you can catch the interview that B.Scott gave with Mariah Carey. They talk about them being bi-racial, her career, music, children and more. It ended with B.Scott giving her a gift.

Mariah is so classy, she's a true diva. You can't hair her for that. Was it just me or was B.Scott coming off as nervous? Like he was trying not to make any uh-ohs or say the wrong thing to Mariah. HE did a good job though. I felt that he was kissin ass, as if he was just a fan, more over than a talk show host. Singing all the songs, and saying he's her #1 lamb and what not, I mean, it's wasn't necessary. I'm just sayin. But good interview, I'm looking forward to seeing more. Now that he's panned a huge start like Mariah, the doors should come flying open with negotiations, contracts, tv time and all. I'm happy for B.Scott, he's living his dream!

Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
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