Chris Brown Pushes Album UP / by

Chris Brown is proving to the world that he still has it. Earlier today, Chris Brown tweeted that his album dated was changed from December 15th, to December 8th. Peep the tweet below..

That comes as good news. It's rare that someone pushes their album UP. I think the last time that happpened was with Whitney Houston's album. Now-A-Days album are pushed back and back til they're forgotten about. Now Chris Brown looks to compete with Usher, who's album "Raymond vs Raymond" will drop on that same day. I've heard some nice tracks from Usher's album as well as Chris Brown's but it's hard to tell. Chris already has 2 singles and 3 videos under his belt for this album where as Usher has nothing. So Chris has the leg up. I got the vibe..I can feel it!!

Speaking of Vibe, the magazine giant who recently shut down production earlier in the year is planning on re-launching the magazine this December in print as well as online. Chris Brown will be featured on the cover and it will hit stands the same day as his album drops, December 8th. Peep a promo below..

Lookin good. Things are looking to shine for Chris Brown..

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