Chris Brown's "Crawl" Video Stills / by

Check out these video still of Chris Brown's new video for his song "Crawl". Cassie is featured as the leading lady and she looks pretty dayum good. Peep a few more pics below..

Pics look great, I'm looking forward to seeing the video. Who in the hell instructed him to wear that trench coat? That's the only eye sore. lol. The little glimpse of Cassie even looks good. I just hate the fact that SHE'S the one that he wants to "Crawl" back to love with. Out of all the other chicks in the game, his camp chose Cassie..She's a good girl but there we're other choices that could've been made. Granted, she does model, but still....smh. I bet Cassie jumped all over the chance of working in this video because she know's Chris Brown gets all types of media attention. Now her face will be laced with this video and she'll gain some exposure. Maybe it'll help promote her highly delayed album. Whatever the case, I'm looking forward to seeing this video. We should see it's premiere within the next week or so.

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