Fresh Video: Trey Songz - "I Invented Sex" / by

R&B crooner Trey Songz released the video for his single "I Invented Sex" lifted from his album "Ready". The video features him & a sexy lady doing the you know what...well, not exactly but it shows them doing foreplay. Peep it above.

All I gotta say is the video is HAWT! I mean DAAYYYUM it's steamy. Almost as if it were a mini porno, or even a leaked sex tape lmao. Trey is all over that girl and she was doing the same. Kissing, licking, sucking and all that good stuff you do before sex. The song is pretty decent too. I'm still in disbelief about this man's body. I remember when he was all skin and bones, now he has the body of a GOD! It looks so good. Good job Trey. I can see why he's the IT guy of the moment. He's lighting up the R&B/Hip-Hop Charts.. Yuuup!!

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