Mariah Carey Interviewed On The Ellen DeGeneres Show / by

Mariah Carey is hot and heavy on the promo trail for her new album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" an her new movie "Precious". She appeared on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show & they talked about her career, the albums, movie, & her new fragrancing DARLING! Peep part one above, and part 2 below..

LMAO! Ellen pointed out those BOOBS on Mariah. That's funny. Mariahs skimmpy outfit...not appropriate for television. Looking like she getting ready for bed. But it's sexy, she's sexy! ROTF at "The Shakeway" product. I remember seeing that for the first time and couldn't believe that it was real. Hell, and now it's one for men to use. I need that to whip my arms into shape lol. Ellen is very pretty, and HILARIOUS! Mariah.... She can't help but to be the diva she is Darling! lol. They way she dabbed that perfume on her body was MARVELOUS DARLING! Gotta love it! LMAO!

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