Beyonce to Release "Why Don't You Love Me?" as a Single in the U.K. / by

After the huge success of "I Am...Sasha Fierce" Beyonce is still going at it with the release of her 9th single from the album. "Why Don't You Love Me" will see a release to the U.K. on August 30th. The video was thought to be a left over from her recordings last year but it was actually filmed in March of this year and it manged to gain over 7 million views on youtube after it's release. If you haven't heard the song or seen the video, peep it below..

Why is this even being released? Who's idea was this? Why only in the U.K.? Lord. I don;t think Beyonce is behind this, I know who is. Why can't they just let Kelly have her moment in the sun? The U.K. is her side of the pond. I like the single and all but it doesn't even deserve treatment. Sorry stans, but they're milking this album drier than a cow on a Monday morning! NINE singles? that's practically an album for some artists. I don't even see this making the top 10, if it does then more power to Homemaker B.B.

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