Ciara's Basic Instinct Pushed Back to OCTOBER! / by

What kind of pig's shit is this!? First Kelly Rowland, Now
Ciara! I'm sure this is gong to tick a bunch of fans off because this is one of the most HIGHLY ANTICIPATED albums of 2010 and it has moved from being released in August, to OCTOBER! There's no reason as to why....maybe she's gonna record a few more songs or something. But this is always the case when it comes to an album that being handled by The Dream & Tricky Stewart. *Mariah's Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel* It's a shame. Make my water BOIL!

It kind of makes me loose confidence in the album. When an album gets pushed back, typically it means that it's going to TANK. With the success of "Ride" you'd think they would have pushed the album UP but I guess not, I don't think that was a smart move by her team because it's will only make people think that the album isn't as solid as they were claiming it to be. IMO