The Dream Spotted With Mystery Woman & It's NOT C.Mili / by

Well, this will get the blogs stirring up trouble. Pictured above is singer/producer The Dream with a mystery woman living it up on a beach. Word has it that this was during the holiday weekend on the Caribbean. Just last month, the couple denied having any problems in their relationship..and now this! Check out more pics below.

I"m seriously hoping that this could be just a photo shoot, or a video or something and that it is NOT what it appears to be. Because if this is indeed true, I will lose all of the respect that I had for The Dream. He's one of my favroite male R&B artists. For him to go and do this WHILE he's still married and has a new born baby girl, it brings shame onto him and makes him look like a disgusting PIG!

No one deserves to be treated like this. I know Christina Milian has to be upset and hurt because I'm sure she has seen these pictures by now. Within the hour, she retweeted a post by someone else, saying "I'm officialy disgusted" but it was a RETWEET, meaning someone else tweeted it and not her. So I dont know if it was geared towards this situation or not. But I'll be sure to keep you guys updated!

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