Fresh Music: Ciara - "Gimme Dat" / by

Ciara just premiered her second single from her upcoming album "Basic Instinct" called "Gimme Dat". This track was produced by Tricky Stewart & Soundz. This song has a few catchy lines like. “The princess is back in town,I finna put on my crown,” “I’ve been gone for too long, I think it’s time I bring it back”. Check it out below..

I think this is the fastest song she's released since "Get Up". She told us that she was gonna take us back to the dance floor and she fulfilled her promise. I like this cut. It's really fast paced, catchy and I can just see her dancing her ass for this track. Basic Instinct hits stores August 17th. I'm sure Brandan from Thirsty Blog is gonna eat this UP!!!

Your Thoughts?