Fresh Video: Monica - "Love All Over Me" / by

Here's the new video for Monica's "Love All Over Me". Fans get to vote for who they want Monica to marry and on July 23rd another video will be released via Monica's website showcasing the ending and revealing who she marries. It will probably be another video or just and extended portion. So far it looks as if the new lover is in the lead (of course because he's hot). Click here to vote & Peep the power ballad video below..

I disliked the beginning with the 1995 2010 reenactment. It was just plain cheesy. They should have used actual footage of that moment, or got someone to play a younger Monica. But the video it's self is a winner! The story line is AWESOME! I don't think any woman in their right mind would wit 15 WHOLE YEARS for their lover to get out of jail to continue on their relationship. So Monica found her a new dip...a hott one! Then the old lover gets out of jail, comes to Monica, now she has to make a decision. Who will she marry? The old lover or the new one? You can vote. I know I did. Remember, your voice makes a difference!

RANDOMNESS: Is the old lover the guy who played Darnell on the old tv show Girlfriends? It sure does look like him.