JoJo Provides Album Update / by

JoJo has been off the scene since 2006 after her last album "The High Road". Since then she has been working on her follow-up album "All I Want Is Everything" which has yet to be given a release date. Rap-Up has caught up with JoJo and she gave a brief update about what's going on with the album, who she's worked with, a release date and more. She also spills the beans about a viral video that she's planning on releasing in the near future. Check it out above.

I love JoJo. I was hoping for a release date after her songs "Forever In My Life" leaked online last year and received HIGH PRAISES for it. I thought it would have generated a push. She's hoping to release a single soon, until then, I guess we'll wait and let her add and cut songs like she said.

Random: I think she needs to go back to being a brunette. The black isn't doing it for me.

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