Katy Perry Covers Billboard Magazine / by

Katy Perry's star is becoming brighter & brighter. She has landed on the cover of Billboard Magazine to promote her new album "Teenage Dream". Inside she gives a lengthy interview about where she's going with this album. To read it in full click here.

Katy has already secured a number one hit with "California Girls" and is trying to do so with the next single "Teenage Dream". From the sound of things, her team is trying to get her to sale MORE album just as well as she does singles. Everything looks like a repeat becuase last time around her song "I Kissed A Girl" was a hit and pretty much the only hit besides "Hot & Cold". Thing is her singles were selling but not the actual album. So for "Teenage Dream", I'm assuming it's packed with HIT after HIT after HIT to get people to purchase the album. Not a bad idea.

Katy's actual CD is rumored to be printed on cotton-candy scented paper. That will surly generate sales. Now I will be at work sniffing her CD like I'm a crack baby.

A full 5 singles are expected to be released form this project. "Fireworks", "Peacock" & "Circle The Drain". Along with "California Girls" & "Teenage Dream". Followed by a world tour which is supposed to kick off in February of next year.

Katy will have a busy schedule for these next few months so be expecting to see LOTS of colorful wigs and cotton-candy smelling things!