Kelly Rowland Update + New Promo Pics / by

Hey everyone. I've missed a few posts so I thought I'd give you all one big Kelly Rowland update. First lets start off with her album which is now pushed pack to MID FALL. So there isn't a September release anymore. I'm guessing she's still working on the album and needs more time to finish tracks and do album packaging and all.

I'm sure another reason for the push back is because the album's title. It's no long "Kelly Rowland". She hasn't picked a name yet, so she's turning to her fans and asking for help with naming the title. If you have any suggestions, submit to her official website by clicking here.

Above and below you can check out the new promo pics for Kelly.

I wonder what this means for her singles and everything. Like will the album even SALE then because by then everything will be old. I'm just pissed off right now because I have to wait even LONGER for this Kelly Rowland project. I've been waiting too long. By the time the album drops there will be about 4 or 5 or 6 singles already out, which will be half of the album.