Lady Gaga Explains 2011 Album Release Date / by

The little monsters will be pleased to read that Lady Gaga offered good reasoning as to why she's waiting until 2011 to release her 3rd album album. She exclusively to spoke to Gaga-Daily about the timing of the album. Peep it below..

She also wanted to let us know about the timing of her third album. She said that the reason why her album is best to be released in 2011 is so she can spend time doing interviews, appearances, her show, and taking some time to rest. She cares so much about giving us little monsters what we want, and giving the appropriate amount of time through each stage is important for her to best succeed!

Gaga Daily is very dear to her, as she expressed how this site is a safe, pure place where she can see what her little monsters honestly think or feel about something she has worn, or about a part of her show, etc. She really cares about her little monsters and its so obvious that she wants to make us happy.

I don't know about you, but I think mother monster gave a dayum good as reson! There's nothing else I can say. (lol) She wants to give her little monsters all that she can! Full throtle promotion, performances, interviews and all. As well as rest, which in her eyes will probably be about an hour or 2.