Leona Lewis Promises New Sound For Next Album + New Song / by

Now, it's no secret that Leona Lewis is cooking it up in the studio for her upcoming album. A snippet of a song has leaked called "A Thousand Lights" and it very does showcase a different direction in music for her, but the arrangement kinda sounds just like her song "Naked" (one of my favs) which was on her previous album. Take a listen to it below..

Leona revealed that this album will be a lot more fun and playful & it will be something that she never has done before. Check out what she had to say below..

“I think that’s going to be a bit different from what people have heard from me before” she reveals “I think that with going in different directions musically with the show, it’s given people a different vibe from what they had before, so it’s going to be different and fun. I’m just going to go in and create and just see what happens”

I'm game! I want to hear this song in FULL because it sounds like a winner in my book. That piano just sucks me right in. Again, I'm just hoping that she doesn't get TOOO playful with this album. She shouldn't venture out into a whole new genre of music. Experimenting is alright but don't jump the gun Leona, some of us LOVE what your putting out, don't go GAGA on us with the whole dace craze.