Lim Kim Wishes to Collaborate With Rihanna / by

Lil' Kim and Rihanna

It looks like Rihanna is being sought out from everyone for a collaboration with the newest being Lil Kim. From what we know, Lil Kim isn't recording a new album as of yet, according to her, she's just focusing on releasing singles before she drops and album. As we all know, Rihanna is good with selling singles so I don't blame Kim. Check out what the rapper had to say below via Rap-Up..

“I’m a huge Rihanna fan, and she’s a friend of mine, so if I had to guess, I’m 90% sure that song is probably in the works, I look at it this way: if it happens, it happens. And it should be a surprise. It shouldn’t be something that people are anticipating, or have their own personal opinions on it before it even comes out. So I probably won’t ever mention that again.I just love Rihanna, I think she’s great!”

Kim you better watch your self. When you blabber out things, other people will indeed pick up on it. Nicki Minaj is STILL recording her debut album and I wouldn't be surprised if she snatched up Rihanna for a song or two. Lil Kim would be pissed!