More Rihanna Pics on the Set of Live The Way You Lie / by

More pics of Rihanna have surfaced to the net from the set of Eminem's video "Live The Way You Lie". Rihanna is seen standing in front of a burning house singing her part in the song. Billboard reported that this song has offically hit the #1 spot on the Hot 100 making this Eminem's fourth #1 single & Rihanna's seventh #1 single on the Hot 100 Chart. Peep more pics below..

I still don't consider a FEATURE to be a #1 hit for the FEATURED artist. They really need to change that rule. This shouldn't be counted as a number 1 single for Rihanna because it's NOT her song. Granted she may be the reason why the song reached number 1 but since it's NOT her song, it shouldn't go under her belt for being a number 1 hit. I'm just saying....

Randomness: Does anyone think that this song will be bigger that her and T.I.'s collaboration "Live Your Life"?

Your Thoughts?