Sneak Peek! Ne-Yo "Champaign Life" & "Beautiful Monster" Videos / by

Ne-Yo is currently wrapping up video shoots for not one but TWO new music videos for "Champagne Life" & "Beautiful Monster". Both songs are lifted from his upcoming album called "Libra Scale" which is set to hit stores on September 21st. Check out the clip below.

Of course, one song will be sent to pop and the other to the urban market. It's crazy to see how everyone is falling to the dance craze. How long will it last? All of these albums are coming out in September and that means that the artist can milk it until GOD KNOWS WHEN!!! I'm just curious as to what type of music will pollute the airwaves next? This dance thing is just a phase. On another note, these 2 videos look very Michael Jackson-ish. Ne-Yo does know how to put on a show so I'll be expecting these videos to debut very soon.

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