Beyonce Enjoys Being a Housewife / by

In a new interview with PEOPLE magazine, Beyonce reveals that she enjoys being a house wife. When she's not on stage performing, in the studio recording and shooting new videos, Mrs. Carter is home cleaning and dusting, just like in her video for why don't you love me. Peep the article below.

Her music video for “Why Don’t You Love Me” gives viewers a sneak peek at some of the things she does at home.

“I came up with the concept for that video because lately I decided to take a break, and I’ve been home, being a wife,” says B, who plays the role of B.B. Homemaker in the video. “I figured it could be nice to give a little wink toward the things that I’ve been doing, so that’s why I’m a housewife in the video.”

“It’s an exaggerated, over-the-top version of what I’m doing right now, which is just living my life and being a woman at home, relaxing and trying to enjoy my life other than performing and music.”

Of course it's exaggerated. She not dressed like that outside working on cars. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if she could change some oil on a car. I don't know, I just can't picture her washing dishes, mopping floors and cleaning windows. I believe her if she says that she does it but I just can't see it. Hell she can PAY ME TO CLEAN!