BLAST from the PAST: Tyrese - "How You Gonna Act Like That" / by

I thought I should do a BLAST from the PAST post. This time, it's brought to you by R&B crooner Tyrese. This song is called "How You Gonna Act Like That" and it's his biggest hit to date. The song peaked at number 7 on Billboard Hot 100 and number 4 on the R&B Charts in 2003. It was lifted from the album "I Wanna Go There" which peaked at number 16 on Billboard's 200. Check out the video below.

What happened to this guy? Why isn't he singing anymore. Tyrese was a great R&B artist. Then he started doing the whole alter-ego, I wanna rap thing which completely threw us in a loop. Then he focused more on acting which, I guess is a good thing, but the music world is definitely missing him right about now. I think he can make a hug comeback if he wanted to. Word has it that he's currently working on a new album called "Open Invitation" which is set top be released some time next year. So maybe we'll get to see him back on the scene.

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