Brandy SLAPPED With $6 Million Lawsuit / by

Brandy has just been slapped across the face with a $6 Million lawsuit. Marc Mysterio, a popular Scandinavian DJ, has filed the suit against Brandy claiming that she failed to write and perform 32 bars of music. Peep the article below.

Brandy was allegedly paid $10,000 to deliver two 16-bar verses as her Timbaland-created rap alter-ego, Bran'Nu, on the lead single from Mysterio's forthcoming debut album, 'Redemption.'

But when it came time to deliver the vocals, Brandy's manager and cousin Ryan Ramsey dropped a bombshell on Mysterio and his management. Mysterio tells PopEater that in a phone conversation between the two parties, Ramsey allegedly said:
"Yo Marc, listen, we just had a meeting with Universal and we tryin' to wrap up her new album deal with them and we have an issue now cuz we went over all the features she had lined up and they won't sign the deal with us if she follows through on your song cause they don't want her rapping over a dance record since they weren't happy with how her Bran'Nu tracks on Timbaland's album went down, so we gotta back out on this one."

If that's not enough, peep the official court document below.

Damn Brandy. You just got out of a lawsuit for killing someone back in 2006. If that was anyone else, they would have went to damn jail forever and we got no jail time. Now you're breaching contracts because Bran'Nu isn't hot? And still kept the man's $10,000. Could have at least gave that back. Now you may be out of a whole $6 Million. That's a lot of money. I hope MArc doens't get granted that much money because it sound unsubstantial and over the top if you ask me. How do you go from $10,000 to $6 Million. Get real.