Ciara Performs at "Power Live" Concert / by

Ciara rocked the stage yesterday at the "Power Live" concert where she performec a bunch of her songs. "Pretty Girl Sway", "Ride" & "Gimmie That". Check out the footage below.

I haven't seen Ciara perform like this in SUCH a long time! This is what I miss. She gave it her all. Her body looked GREAT and the dance moves has nothing but "Pretty Girl Swag" written all over them. I love it. I can definitly see why her abs are so fit firm and HOTT. She keeps thrusting, rolling that stomach and it's working out the abs. You can see that they're getting a work out because she's flexing them bad boys when she dances. Her vocals got better as well. Great stuff. Ciara hurry up. Gotta give it up to her background dancers too because they was getting it.