Ciara's Album Pushed Back AGAIN! / by

Ok yall, I think I'm about to throw in a dayum towel. I'm done. Ciara's album has been pushed back AGAIN, making it a 4th time which is not a good look. The date now is October 19th, but her label is even looking to release it on Oct. 26th. Just release it already!!

Once it keeps getting pushed back it loses interest. The singles die down, now one is looking for it anymore. I had people come in today at my Best Buy store asking for her album and I was like "bbbbbbbbuuuuhahahahaha!!! It's been pushed back so many times it that it doens't have a release date anymore." Someone replied "I see this will be another "Fantasy Ride". I funny as it was, I disagreed with the comment because songs from the album still really haven't been leaking left and right. She's been dropping singles but no leaks. I just think this album will be an epic failure with all these push backs. Once Rihanna announces her album release date, then EXPECT another push back. Hell, expect it to be shelfed and locked away because at this point, I don't care anymore. Beyonce, Rihanna, or Britney Spears never have to deal with album push backs......GOSH!!!