Does Rihanna Really Have Seven #1 Hits? / by

Alright, I've been meaning to blog about this for a while now. As of lately, Rihanna's latest success has been with Eminem and his song "Love The Way You Lie" which is currently sitting at the top of Billboard's Hot 100 chart. According to Billboard, this is Rihanna's SEVENTH number one single along with other hits like "S.O.S.", "Umbrella", "Take A Bow", "Disturbia", "Live Your Life", & "Rude Boy".

In MY eyes, she only has FIVE number one songs. Those five being the ones that she isn't FEATURED on. That's all she should get credit for. She shouldn't be amongst other great artists who actually sang or rapped the entire song when she's just simply featured on someone else's song obtaining a number one. Simply because it's NOT her song. It doesn't belong to her. If that's the case, why not credit the writer, producer and engineer for obtaining a number one hit since they actually helped contribute to the song. Why not credit the studio for letting the song be recorded there?

T.I. recorded "Live Your Life" and it FEATURED Rihanna. It went to the number one well as the latest "Live The Way You Lie". That's Eminem song, not Rihanna's. So she shouldn't get accolades for the song hitting number one because it doesn't belong to her. I just don't think it's fair to other artists who PUT IN WORK do make great music so that it can become a number one hit. Then you have Rihanna, who cat walks into the studio for 5 minutes and boom, she's entitled to a number one hit. No! It shouldn't work like that.

"Rude Boy", "S.O.S." "Umbrella", "Take A Bow" & "Disturbia" are GREAT songs, I have them in constant rotation on my music player. Those are her number one songs. She can say "This is my song that reached number one". She can't say the same for "Love The Way You Lie" or "Live Your Life" because...THEY'RE NOT HER SONGS!

Billboard should be fair and face the fact that Rihanna only has five number one hits, not seven! It's hard to get a number one hit. Artists sit and write music for god knows HOW LONG and hoping that it could just crack into the Hot 100 chart, then Rihanna comes and sings 2 bars of material she has not a clue about and she gets a number one single under her belt.

Why not say Rihanna has two number one albums as well? She was featured on "Papertrail" & "Recovery" both of which hit the number one spot. Why isn't Rihanna receiving credit for those? BECAUSE THEY WEREN'T HER ALBUMS!! So why should she get credit for having a number one song that doesn't belong to her?

People argue that she's featured on the track so it counts. She's featured on their albums as well, but she's don't getting credit for having a number 1 album now is she? What's the difference? It just really GRINDS MY GEARS that folks are saying she has 7 number one singles, when it reality..she only has five!

What do you fans And Rihanna stans think? Should she be credited for a FULL SEVEN number 1 hits or only FIVE which are songs that actually belong to her?

Your Thoughts?