Fantasia Thinks Chris Brown Deserves a Second Chance / by

Fantasia is a supporter of Chris Brown, and she beleives he deserves a second chance after seeing his performance on the BET Awards back in June. She and a few others believes that he's sorry for what he's done and has been through enough since that tragic night. Check out the video below.

Some people thought the tears were fake, some felt they were real...who dayum cares. We all know that Chris Brown makes good music and people are simply missing his breath-taking performances. He hasn't been featured on a major awards show since god knows when (BET AWARDS DOESN'T COUNT) and his last album tanked, radio staions wouldn't play his music, he lashed out on twitter, and countless of other things. Everyone deserves a second chance. What happened....happened, can't change that. I'm sure Rihanna forgave him, now it's time that the public does the same.