Fresh Artist: Jawan Harris / by

Here's Jive Records newest artist. He goes by the name of Jawan Harris. I was tryna dig up some background information, but I can't find any. He just came out of no where. His video surfaced a few days ago called "Nobody" with an appearance by label mate Chris Brown. Check it out below.

Obviously, this is Jive's competition to Justin Beiber. This kid has a great voice, but is lacking that "STAR" quality if you ask me. It just look as if he's would you say...FORCED to do something or like they're trying to TURN him into a star. Where as Beiber has natural star quality. Granted that Justin is a few albums and videos deep so he kind of has more of a grasp om things than Jawan. It can definitely be learned and picked up on in the future. He's a young kid with a great voice...all that means is that he can get better and better at what he does. With Chris Brown on his side he can become a great dancer. I just hope he doesn't pick up any other traits from Chris B...if you know what I mean. Meh..I still dig Beiber!