Fresh Music: Ciara - "Lose My Mind" / by

Ciara just tweeted this track minutes ago. It's called "Lose My Mind" and it will be featured on her upcoming "Basic Instinct MIXTAPE" not her actual album. But her mixtape which basically features Ciara putting her own spins on other songs. Check it out below.

I love how she turns on that rough gangster girl swag. I'm feeling this. The lyrical content is that of "You Got Me" where she basically address a few of the haters in this song. Brags about what she has and how you gonna lose yo mind after hearing this beat. I like it. "How you doin? I'm just fine. Album numba 4, bout that time, been quiet for about a year time to speak my mind and when you hear this shit you gone lose yo mind." Ciara is giving it to us!!