Katy Perry & Fantasia Numbers Are In!!! / by

The first week numbers are in for 2 big album releases last week.

According to HITS Daily Double, Katy Perry owns the number one spot on the Billboard's 200 Albums with her album "Teenage Dream" selling a disappointing 194,233 copies. Her camp were expecting HUGE numbers from Katy. They were expecting her to blow Eminem out of the water being that he has the highest first week sales this year. Katy didn't come close to that. Even after having the a song holding the number one spot for five weeks straight and the fact that she has two songs in the top five of Billboard's Hot 100 didn't help. The team went all out packaging underwear with the album and making it smell like cotton candy. Maybe she's just like Rihanna, they both are given big budgeted videos and promotional campaigns, lots of television appearances, promotions and all but she can't push album sales. Her team must be disappointed.

Fantasia, on the other hand, has much to celebrate with people predicting her to see between 80 - 95,000 copies during her first week but managed to push out 122,056 copies giving her the number 2 spot on the albums chart. That's huge! People are saying that her suicide attempted helped with album sales, but I think otherwise, it's just a good album. She's been out promoting it, doing interviews, performances and it's helped in the long run giving her strong numbers for her first week.

Usher along with his EP "Versus" landed in number four on the charts selling 48,370 copies. EP's never really sell well, but it's a good effort. But his album "Raymond vs. Raymond shot from number 30 to number 14 pushing out 21,070 copies, up 71% from last week. I'm assuming it's the deluxe edition which contained the Versus and R.V.R. Good stuff.

Eminem and his "Recovery" album sits at number three selling another 98,689 copies.

I guess I expected Katy to sell a lot more being that her whole album is a winner. Song after song. But like I said before, every album that I tend to like never does well or what it's expected to do. *Sigh*