Ke$ha Eyes Rihanna Collaboration / by

OK Magazine recently caught up with Ke$ha at the Casio's Shock The World 2010 Event. The party girl answered a few quick questions about her favorite artists and dream duets she would like make happen. Check out the article below.

"Some of my favorite artists of all time are classic artists, and the list is long when it comes to dream duets,” the Tik Toksinger tells me during Casio’s Shock The World 2010 event. “Anywhere from a Mick Jagger to a Prince to a David Bowie. But also I’d be as honored to share a song withRihanna as I’m honored to share her stage during our concert tour.”

She continues, “We were just hanging out. She’s so amazing, especially on stage. She’s such a genuine person.


It's no secret that Ke$ha and Rihanna are buddies. I think hearing them together on a track would be DOPE! I'm ready to hear some new material from Ke$ha. The wait is almost over.

RANDOM! Lately, Ke$ha has been rocking this blue it hot or not?