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"The album is gonna be my best work to date." Says Lloyd in a new interview with MTV. He went on to say that Polow Da Don brings out the best in him. The new album is called "King of Hearts" and it's being produced by Polow himself. It will hit stores next year in Feb. Peep the interview below.

About the album...

"Me and Polow Da Don have been working hard," he added. "I got a lot of surprises. I think that a lot of people haven't heard me sound like this, haven't heard me sing like this. It's gonna be a new look, it's gonna be like I'm back for the first time. It should be anticipated. The album is gonna be my best work to date, King of Hearts."

About Polow Da Don

"He's dedicated," Lloyd co-signed of the hitmaker. "The greatest thing about Polow is there's no amount of time that's unnecessary when it comes to making something the best, whether it takes two days or two months for one track. I've seen Polow sit with one song for six days and perfect it. You can hear the difference in the quality against someone else's music. It sounds completely different.

"Working with Polow, he brings the best out of me," Lloyd continued. "He pushes me to be a better artist. And I really feel like I found a home, I found a good home at Interscope. They believe in me as a star. I'm really looking forward to the future."

About his sound

"I don't wanna bounce around too much. When an artist bounces around, you lose the consistency and the continuity in the sound," he said. "For me, working with Polow has been all that and more. He's given me a lot of different sounds, but at the same time, it's a complete thought, so it's not like we're recording the same songs over and over again. Having that one creative partner in a producer is something I've never really had and I'm enjoying a lot not having to bounce around ... just me and Po for the most part."


I guess...if you call screaming at the top of your lungs the BEST work...then more power to you. Polow is definitely a GREAT producer, his productions go a long way. But in Lloyd's song "Lay You Down", the vocals are not so great. If he goes into the studio and record music over and over, then maybe he should go re-record that song because it's simply not hot. I know what Lloyd is capable of vocally so I don't see why this song.....yeah, I'm done.