Ne-Yo Talks Gay Rumors, Baby, Music and More / by

Ne-Yo dropped by Hello Beautiful and gave an interview. He talked about his heroes, inspirations, new album, singles, his first child on the way, engagement. and of course, the gay rumors which he can't seem to escape. Check out the interview below.

Well, the fact that this lady who he is supposedly having a baby by is his BEST FRIEND, makes it believable to more people that he is gay. I would have a baby by their best friend on the face of the earth? Who does that? Who has sex with their best friend and has a baby? He said they aren't engaged, never was and don't plan to be. So I can easily see this as being an artificial incineration. He can just be still trying to hide it. Just come out the closet already. If you having this baby is supposed to clear up the gay rumors...think again, because you just made it a LOT worse for yourself by saying that this chick is your best friend. SMH..