Tamia Performs at the "Summer Stage" in Central Park / by

One of your R&B favorites has returned to the stage in Central Park for the "Summer Stage" performances. A few days ago in New York, Tamia wowed the crowed with her previous hits like "You've Put A Move On My Heart", "Officially Missing You", "Stranger In MY House", Spend My Life With You", "Imagination", & "Can't Get Enough". Check them all out below.

"Imagination" & "Can't Get Enough"

"You've Put A Move On My Heart"

"Stranger In My House"

"Officially Missing You"

"Spend My Life With You"

Each and every last one of these songs were HITS and she nailed the performances!! It's a shame that Tamia never actually made it big being that she has one of the best voices in the music business. Her voice and songs are classic and one of a kind. These performances were flawless. Her background singers did a good job as well. She still looks beautiful. A few months ago, herself, Deborah Cox & Kelly Price we're starting a thing called "The Queen Project". It was a new power house girl group that consisted of the 3 of them and they were set to bring back R&B but that didn't go through as planned. So now hopefully Tamia can work on some more new music and put it out there because the game is definitely missing her right now.