T.I. Promotes "Takers" on Today's Show / by

Not only is his new album on the way, but T.I. has a movie as well called "Takers" and it features other big name stars like Chris Brown, Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, & Idris Elba just to name a few. You can watch T.I. talk about the the movie comparisons between Takers & Oceans 11, being a producer for the movie, and becoming a rapper-turned actor. Watch as Kath-Lee and Hoda flirt up a storm with T.I. Peep it below.

"You have nice teeth." They better stop it before Tiny gets in!! This was a good interview. It's good to see T.I. fresh out of jail and still able to be on top of his game. Chris Brown was casted in this movie before his whole ordeal with Rihanna, so I think that the producers behind the film was hoping to use Chris Brown as a promotional front to generate buzz behind the movie because he was such a big star, but now, thats not the case. T.I.P. is taking over. I don't think anyone is wiling to interview Chris Brown.

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