Ne-Yo: "In a minute, nobody will be in Beyonce's lane." / by

Ne-Yo just spilled the beans on Beyonce's new album saying that it's coming along great. He recently spoke with AJC and shared the news. Check it out below.

So how is this new collaboration with Beyonce coming?

Ne-Yo: (After a good chuckle) It’s coming along nicely. I can’t speak too much on it, but it’s another direction for her, and she’s carving out her own niche. In a minute nobody will be in Beyonce’s lane. They really can’t get in her lane now, but they really can’t get in her lane after this album.

I wonder what kind of music they're working on, and how different can it really be? I'm sure they're serving up a hit in the studio. Will it be just as big as "Irreplaceable"? Will it even make the album? Who knows, but i DO I smell a new album coming maybe sometime next year. Lets go B!!