Was Nicki Minaj Really a Stud? / by

Over the holiday weekend, my big bro Dedrick showed me this video. He said that it is of Nicki Minaj before the music, before the mixtapes, record deal, glitz & glamor. Peep the video below.

You see younger, rougher and hood individual that looks and sounds just like our Harajuku Barbie. She's acting like a hardcore stud in this video. She is puffing on a cigarette and talks about how she knows Remy Ma had a thing. She referred to Remy Ma as "baby" saying they chilled, smoked together. Nicki said "she ate the box", meaning the two of them had relations. She even goes as far as calling Remy on the phone for the camera. I mean, it sounds just like Nicki Minaj, looks just like her. The makeup is gone nor is the feminineness there. I wonder what made her change and what made her bring out the feminine side of her? Because she looks damn good right now. None of this matters now because Nicki did come out and say that she was bi. She now has the fame, the looks and the body and she can get whoever she wants, man or woman. Everyone wants her. She's hott!!