Willow Smith Stops by Ryan Seacrest's Radio Show / by

Willow Smith stopped by Ryan Seacrest's radio show earlier today and gave one of her first interviews about her music career. They talked about her life as a kid and student as far as doing multiplication tables and other students, her musical influences and who she listens to, her fashion, new music, and her family. Jay-Z later joined the interview via phone where he says he heard the song and was surprised to find out that it was done by a 9 year old, afterwards, it lead her to get signed with Roc Nation. Check it out below..

She sounds so smart and sophisticated to be a 9 year old. She is so mature to be her age and is receiving praises from EVERYONE about her song. I hope nothing changes about her personality. I think Will and Jada did a damn good job raising her. She's not your typical 9 year old, she's well mannered and gives a good interview. Be expecting more from this little one in the time to come. A Video is scheduled to be shot for the song towards the end of the month, definitely giving the other girls a run for their money.