Beyonce & Lady Gaga Storms Forbes Power List / by

As far as music goes, Beyonce & Lady Gaga crashes the top 10 list of Forbes: The World's Most 100 Powerful Women. Beyonce comes in at number 9 with her multi-platinum selling album, successful world tours, fashion lines, perfume, movies and multi-million dollar endorsement deals.

Lady Gaga is sitting at number 7 with only 2 albums and a predicted $200 million selling world tour. Forbes even went as far as to call Lady Gaga the new queen of pop.

Topping the list of course was First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah was 3rd on the list and Ellen DeGeneres is number 10.

New queen of pop huh? That's funny because Billboard aready gave that title to Beyonce!! It will stay that way Forbes!!