Do You Like Rihanna's Red Hair? / by

Alright, I'm just really curious to know, what do you all think about Rihanna's new look this time around? In the pictures above and below, RiRi was spotted leaving a hotel in Paris. She's out promoting her new album "Loud" which hits stores November 16th. According to Rihanna herself, she gets bored quickly, which explains the hair. Check out an interview she did with Captial FM in London.

“Redheads have the most fun! And redheads have the most work too,” she recently told London’s 95.8 Capital FM.

“I get bored quickly, but right now I’m loving [my hair] and I’ll probably change it up really soon, probably the cut or the style, probably not the color though ’cause you have to be really careful with changing your color so often.”

So...Do you like the hair? Should she switch it up? Go bald? What??! Share your thoughts. It looks cheap, like she went to someone's beauty supply and glued the weave in all by herself.